Why is Paw Hills the Premier Luxury Pet Hotel in Southern California?


Paw Hills offers a fresh and clean environment. The staff is always making sure the environment is sanitary. Also, your pooch or feline will be pristine after the groomers do their thing. Our staff takes great pride in their grooming. They go above and beyond always taking extra care of your pets and ensuring that both your pet is comfortable and you, the PET owner is happy with the results. Grooming can be stressful for animals but Paw Hills ensures a good experience because our groomers are experienced! Our track record is spotless.


The rates are affordable and competitively priced. There are different packages you can buy, like 10 day pre-paid, add-ons like extra walk time, personal play time, photo updates and pet taxis for pick up and drop off. We are located in Agoura Hills which affords us the opportunity to be just outside of Los Angeles so we are not having to pay an absurd amount of money on rent and instead give customers a reasonable rate.

Weekend and Holiday Boarding

We tend to book up quickly around the holidays. It is best to reserve your spot for boarding and grooming as soon as you are able. BOOKING ONLINE VIA PAWHILLS.COM and calling ahead of time as soon as you can to set things up is strongly recommended. We want to accommodate you!


Paw Hills is committed to providing a healthy, happy, and safe environment for your pets. The premises are cleaned and maintained in a way to destroy germs, viruses, molds, and bacteria, creating a sterile, healthy, and comfortable environment for your pets. A dog’s sense of smell is 100 times that of a human. That said, clean conditions make his/her stay a better experience and provide you with a sense of relief. Cats can spend as much as 50% of their waking time grooming themselves or a fellow feline so you know they like it clean!

Idyllic Environment

Paw Hills is cage free. Our spacious indoor playrooms are fully climate-controlled to ensure your dog’s comfort. The air exchange is always drawing in outside air so they get fresh air just as they would if they were outside. As mentioned, your pets will be in a climate controlled environment, taken on walks, take fun training classes, be able to watch TV, listen to music, and enjoy baths, blow outs, and get manicures and pedicures. Your pet is treated like a Kardashian–only in the best of ways.

Loving Staff

The staff goes above and beyond to make the stay of your pet enjoyable. Professionally trained, the staff will love and care for your pets like they are their own. You can trust your pet will come home overjoyed – and most likely exhausted in the best way – from the excitement of their stay. After a stay at Paw Hills our clients have told us their dogs and cats seem to be in a better mood. Socializing with other animals and with our attentive staff, releases endorphins which makes them happier.

Large Facility

Paw Hills is 10,000+ square ft. It is a large space for all sizes/age dogs and cats. Due to the size of the facility, we are able to offer plenty of different boarding options for both dogs and cats. For dogs we have 5 choices–everything from our Cozy Cabin to our Majestic Suite. For cats we have Kitty Condos and Kitty Suites. One of the primary reasons people want their pets to come to us for a stay, is for the physical exercise. At our facility they get to play with others–the staff as well as other dogs or cats. (Dogs play with dogs, cats play with cats.) We also have room for training and going for walks.


Re: Covid-19, we are on it! We are taking all suggested precautions. With regard to security, Paw Hills is equipped with excellent security. We also are aware of the dangers of heat-related trauma so we offer a climate-controlled environment. Staff includes vet techs, dog trainers and professional handlers They make the rounds and check on each guest to ensure all are happy, healthy, comfortable and safe. All employees are certified in Dog & Cat First Aid and CPR.